What are your office hours?

Open 8:00 – 5:00 Monday – Thursday

Open 8:00 – 1:30 Friday

Can I get a copy of my X-Rays?

X-rays and Medical Records are the property of the hospital and we do not store nor have copies available in our office. Please contact the hospital Medical Records Department to request X-Ray or digital imaging files on computerized discs.

Can I combine all of my bills together as one?

Our billing system is not set up to process multiple account numbers therefore we are unable to do this.

Do you accept credit/debit card payments?

Yes, click here to access our online e-pay. The link is also on your statement and also you can call the office. We do not do ACK by phone.

Does anyone speak Spanish?

Not at this time.

DO you have a payment arrangement?

Yes – call 252 443-4024 and ask any of our staff members to talk about billing arrangements.

Why do you have the same account number as the hospital?

Nash X-rays account numbers always have a prefix of NXA in front of the hospital account number.

What is Nash X-Ray Associates, PA?

We are the billing office for the Radiologists on staff at Nash Healthcare Inc.
We bill for the professional component of the reading of your x-ray and the hospital bills for the technical component.

Have you filed my insurance?

If at the time of registration the hospital provides us with your insurance information, we will file your insurance. This may not always be provided to us by the hospital. We will be glad to check our billing system and, if needed, we will take the information from you and file your insurance.